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the_time_we_were_not_in_love_2Best friends turned lovers? Yes, it does happen. Sometimes, a man and a woman can’t stay just friends forever. One of them is bound to fall for the other. If they’re lucky enough, it might be a mutual thing. This is one of the few bestfriends theme in the world of KDrama. Ha Ji-won plays Oh Ha-na and Lee Jin-wook plays Choi Won. They’re both 34 years old with stable jobs. They’re neightbors and have been friends since high school.

01032This one will show you how their relationship moved on from being bestfriends to taking it a step further. The kind of friendship na sobrang comfy na kayo with each other and the awkwardness nung naging kayo na. Yes, you’ll get that feeling here.

Sorry, as others might disagree, but I did not enjoy this that much. Maybe because of the predictable flow of the story. This might have a different appeal to people who had this kind of experience.