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This is my feel-good movie! Every time I’m stuck with a feeling, I go back to Episode 4 at 26:00+. I will forever love the scene of Kim Rae-won getting off the helicopter plus that soundtrack. If you haven’t watched this one yet, please do so. Super kilig ang moments nila ni Hong + Hye-jung. I can’t get over the cafeteria scene where Hong had to introduce her as his girlfriend to his close friends.

Cast: Kim Rae-won plays compassionate neurosurgeon Hong Ji-hong. Park Shin-hye is the headstrong neurosurgeon Yoo Hye-jung who is bent on finding out the truth of her grandmother’s death. Some people believes that there’s not much chemistry between them but I strongly disagree! Hong’s smiles will melt your heart.

Story: This is not your usual aloof and cold chaebol lead, this is about romance in a work setting. Although Hong is the adopted son of the director, that did not influence Hye-jung’s career. Hye-jung has a very strong personality and has always handled her problems on her own. She had to learn to accept help from Hong. I suppose this is normal for career driven independent women.