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Synopsis: Go Hye-rim (Han Ye-seul) is a fortune teller and cafe owner who goes by the name Madame Antoine. She claims her fortune telling abilities are based on a spiritual connection to the famous French Queen Marie Antoinette. Although by her own admission she lacks any true psychic connection to the queen, she is a skilled cold reader with a knack for following hunches and picking up on details. Choi Soo-hyeon (Sung Joon) is a psychotherapist specializing in women’s psychology and known as the ‘Soul Doctor’ amongst Hollywood stars. Although his Stanford professorship and good looks make him a highly eligible bachelor, his past research and life experiences have left him skeptical that true love actually exists. Choi Soo-hyun moves into the space above Go Hye-rim’s office and starts a psychology practice where he designs an experiment intending to prove his hypothesis about the nature of true love. His decision to name his practice Madame Antoine leads to a scuffle with Go Hye-rim, whom he then tricks into taking part in his experiment.

My thoughts: Can I unwatch? Haha. I thought this was going to be a good one but I was wrong. I persisted even though I don’t like the main male lead. May mga dramas din naman kasi na hindi guapo but you eventually fall in love with their character. But that didn’t happen here. I thought he was psychotic for having to continue the experiment even after she discovered the whole thing. This is a bad one for me, but others might disagree with me.