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2017_01_11_19327_1484134866._largeA must watch! But when you get to Episode 13, have a box of Kleenex with you. Man, Kim Go-eun can cry like there’s no tomorrow. And Gong Yoo is bae. How can one person look so elegantly handsome? Can you imagine having a Goblin as a boyfriend? Going to different places effortlessly! I love the bromance between the Goblin and the Grim Reaper, so cute. I loved Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince and I was devastated when he had to go to the army after that one. I don’t think we have Goblins in our culture. Or something similar to one. We also don’t have Grim Reapers. And I think that’s what makes it also interesting. I loved the concept of having tea with the Grim Reaper, it’s original.

But it’s sad that Eun-tak chose to save those kids causing her death. The scene at the tea shop with Eun-tak, Reaper and Goblin was heartbreaking. Ewan ko na lang kung hindi ka pa iiyak. And that happy ending is so short. I hated that one. After crying so hard when she died, I wanted a few more minutes with them together. I felt so cheated.

mewah-satu-scene-di-drama-goblin-dan-the-legend-of-the-blue-sea-kostumnya-ratusan-juta-Synopsis: Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is an immortal goblin (Dokkaebi 도깨비) and protector of souls. He lives with an amnesiac grim reaper (Jeoseung-saja 저승사자) (Lee Dong-wook). who is in charge of taking deceased souls. Together, they see the dead off into the afterlife. One day Kim Shin meets a girl, Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun), who has a special ability to see ghosts, and is destined to be his bride and return him to ashes.

Goblin-Gong-YooKim Shin is a 939-year-old immortal goblin and protector of souls who is in search for his bride, the only one who can remove the sword he was killed with, piercing his chest. Once the sword is removed, he may finally move to the after-life and rest in peace. Although initially skeptical that Eun-tak is the Goblin bride, he gradually begins to love her and accept her as his long-awaited bride. He can teleport through any door, freeze time and can look into the future of a person’s life. When he is sad or in a gloomy mood it rains and when he is happy flowers bloom, even in the winter. He can be quite childish sometimes (as said by Eun-tak) but is actually kindhearted. He and the Grim Reaper are the best of friends until he discovers that his friend is actually the reincarnation of his great enemy, Wang Yeo, the king who ordered his and his household’s death. Yet he forgives him in the end and let’s him date Sunny, the reincarnation of his sister.Ji-Eun-Tak1Ji Eun-tak is an optimistic and bubbly high school student, who is one of the two missing souls that the Grim Reaper is after, and the legendary Goblin’s bride. She was born by the Goblin’s mercy: he saved her mother from dying while she was pregnant with her. It left a mark on her back, a sign that she was destined to be the Goblin’s wife. Her mom died when she was 9 and at first, she struggled under her vicious aunt’s custody until she is 19 years old. Having the ability to see and speak to dead spirits since a young age, additionally, she can always summon the Goblin by extinguishing any candle-light by blowing on it, which leads to their first encounter. Immune to the Goblin’s powers, she can teleport through doors with him, and isn’t affected by the Goblin’s time-freezing.

goblin-actor-lee-dong-wook-curly-wavy-permed-hair-hairstyles-for-guys-kpopstuffWang Yeo, a good-looking, 300-year old amnesiac grim reaper (grim reapers come into being as punishment for committing the greatest and heaviest of sins; taking of their own lives in their past incarnations) who escorts souls of the dead to their afterlife or to be reincarnated. Him, along with other Grim Reapers, have no memory of their past life and serves their role as an escort as a punishment. He is the reincarnation of Wang Yeo, a Goryeo Dynasty king who ordered the killing of his brother-in-law Kim Shin for treason and sentenced his family to death out of fear induced by his “advisor”. Initially he and the Goblin have a difficult relationship (levitating the utensils while they eat, fighting over the ownership of the house, as such) but later on become good friends due to him helping Goblin protect Eun-tak from dying. He finds various ways to please Sunny, whom he likes to call Sun-hee.

misc_1481573909_e_yooinnaKim Sun, also known as Sunny is a bright and attractive owner of a chicken restaurant who falls in love with the Grim Reaper from the very first time they meet. Kim Sun is Kim Shin/Goblin’s younger sister, who is the reincarnation of Wang Yeo’s queen consort, who was tragically killed along with Kim Shin’s family. She is constantly confused at the Grim Reaper’s strange behaviors, but is intrigued by him otherwise.

gob10Yoo Deok-hwa is a rebellious but kind-hearted chaebol heir and the only grandson of the Yoo family. Living under the same roof with the Goblin and the Grim Reaper, Deok-Hwa learns of their true identities, and the trio grows to be good companions of one another. After being coerced by his grandfather, he promises to be a companion and look after Goblin. The Almighty also borrows Deok-hwa’s body to speak to Goblin, Grim Reaper, and Samshin.