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Plot: Cha Chi-soo is an arrogant high school student who happens to be the heir of the biggest food conglomerate in Korea. Yang Eun-bi is a university student preparing for her civil service exam. Attracted to each other initially, Eun-bi ends up student teaching in Chi-soo’s high school, where she is turned off by his arrogance. When Eun-bi’s father died, he left the ramen shop to Kang-hyuk who happens to be Chi-soo’s half brother. Her father hoped that he and Eun-bi will end up together. Later, Chi-soo and Eun-bi found themselves together again when they both end up working at the ramen shop where only “flower boys” or “pretty boys” are said to work. Complete with a lot of twists and turns, this love triangle unfolds over a backdrop of good food and fun.

What I think: Noona romance! Yes, SLS (second-lead syndrome) is real. Lee Ki-woo plays Choi Kang-hyuk who is the half brother of Chi-soo. He promised Eun-bi’s dad that he will take care of her and fondly calls her wifey. Damn, if someone as handsome, charming as him and can cook calls me wifey, I’m all good. Haha! I just hopelessly wished she’d wake up and fall in love with him. It’s sad that he left at the end, nothing much left for him at the store anyways. Just look at this smile!


And that scene where he tied her hair, awww!


Jung Il-woo played Chi-soo. I’m not saying he’s not guapo, it’s just that Ki-woo’s character is more lovable for me in this one. There’s a certain similarity between the two that I figured out they were half brothers mid show. But still he’s also good looking.


Spoilers: So the twist is Chi-soo’s dad needs to buy the ramen shop because he’s constructing some mega business thing. Chi-soo eventually chose to be with Eun-bi giving up all his privileges as a chaebol. His dad even removed his dual citizenship and enlisted him in the army just because. Kang-hyuk who was always her pillar, left the store saying he will always remember her every time he will cook ramen and that he will become a bad boy cursing her forever. Awww, my heart ached for him.