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28b4239b7a101689cd1b4e6a5052cd87What I Think + Spoilers: So far so good. Oh well, it’s Lee Minho after all. Kahit anong drama pa yan, Minho is still Minho. *Sigh. Anyway, this the first show I’ve seen with LGBT characters. Bihira lang ang Korean drama na merong gay or lesbian characters. I am no expert in their culture but I am going to assume that it’s a culture thing. It’s nice to learn how LGBT is received in Korea. The plot is subtle, nothing complicated. However may mga scenes na medyo too much na ang personalities ng mga supporting characters. 😁

2c6cd983734c61a839604452bd6f4943Story: Architect si Minho dito at medyo tagilid ang company nya. He needs to get the Art Dam project para maka-survive sila. Park Kae-in’s (Son Ye-jin) father who is currently in England, Prof. Park is also an architect who built Sanggojae. Sanggojae is the house that Prof. Park built for his wife and his Kae-in.  Kae-in now lives at Sanggojae. The chairman of the Art Dam project wants Prof. Park’s concept of Sanggojae but the professor declined to make the design. 0aa83888-75f6-4de5-aa0d-37c2257d03eeBy some unfortunate turn of events, Kae-in needed to sublet the other room. And since Minho wanted to study the house, he rented the room. Ayaw sana pumayag ni Kae-in because he’s a guy, however Young-sun, her bestfriend told her that Minho is gay. She got convinced to sublet to Minho. Young-sun saw Minho fixing Sang-jun’s fly inside the elevator and mistakenly thought that Minho is gay.

31b9afdae79d256468b94a1874122dd1This is a romantic comedy so hindi sya boring masyado. The funniest scene for me was nahuli ni Kae-in si Minho inside one of the rooms. Kinuha ni Kae-in ang chainsaw and Minho ran looking really frightened and convinced that she was going to use the chainsaw on him.  😁😁