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What I Think + Spoilers: This was not my cup of tea. I thought the idea of an alien as handsome as Min-joon is weird so I had a hard time. This is the only Korean drama that I did not binge watch. I would have stopped watching however my curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to know how they’re going to end the story though I knew it’s going to have happy ending. I did learn that there are five stages of grief – anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance, and that girls move on faster than boys.

40-you-who-came-from-the-stars-fashion-review-gianna-jun-ji-hyunI don’t like Song-yi’s character here. She’s so loud and arrogant, not a character that you can really fall in love with. She talks too much too. But she’s very pretty.

lee_hee_kyungBut I’m here once again because of Park Hae-jin. Ha! His older brother Jae-kyung is the antagonist here, a serial killer. I’ve read a review somewhere that Hee-kyung (played by Park Hae-jin) however is even worse. I kept dreading the part where he would turn really bad. But it was fair. When he let his father listened to the recording where Hee-kyung killed their older brother, I thought that was just right. Hee-kyung killed too many people and he deserved what he got in the end.

58-you-who-came-from-the-stars-fashion-review-ahn-jae-hyeonAhn Jae-hyun plays Yoon-jae, the brother of Song-yi. Originally he disapproves of  Min-joon. He often made fun of Song-yi’s unrequited love for Min-joon. When Min-joon had fever again (after she kissed him), she slept at his place. When Yoon-jae found out, he threw a fit and stormed to Min-joon’s place. When he saw his telescopes and the amazing pictures of the sky, he gave his blessings for him to date his sister. Min-joon left him his telescopes when he went home to his star.

3-4-2017-3-01-00-pmOkay, so let me just give you a picture of this whole alien thing. He’s from the star KMT 184.05. Looks like a lot people from their place want to visit Earth. They’d do it by disguising as a comet every 400 years. Their timezone is different thus he does not age like us. He has super hearing, can move things and even people, he can freeze time for about a minute, he’d get premonitions and he can teleport within 300 km. Craziest thing, he can’t exchange body fluids with a human. He’d get high fever every time he kissed her. Someone spat in his coffee and he also got sick after drinking it. She should have made a “How to Date an Alien” guide. Technically, this has a slight chaebol touch. Since he’s been here for centuries, he’s very rich. His housewares’ amazing, it was so funny when Song-yi broke a teacup which was really old. Also has a hint of reincarnation, the girl he saved when he got to Earth causing him to miss his chance to go back home looked like Song-yi. He was prepping to go back home when Song-yi moved into his apartment building. Things happened and they fell in love. He realized that his powers were disappearing. Since his powers depended on his health, he figured his energy is depleting. If he cannot go back to his home planet, he’s going to die. On the later episodes, he decided not to go home, I suppose he was just going to let love win in the end. When Jae-kyung sent wine with poison to Song-yi, he had to teleport in front of cameras to save her. Same incident happened in the emergency room he brought her to, he teleported her to an island. 3-4-2017-5-45-36-pm3-4-2017-5-47-48-pmWhile the rest of the South Korea was in chaos because of all the news, he proposed to her in that island however she told him to go back home coz earlier she found out that he’d die if he stayed here. 3-4-2017-6-04-29-pmHis theory was right, his nose started bleeding. He started loosing control of his powers, he teleported to wrong places. He eventually went home. In case you’re wondering if he has a ship, no! May shuttle sila. There’s one big space ship that serves as a shuttle from their planet to Earth every 400 years. So when he left, apparently he got stuck in a wormhole. He’s been trying to come back to Earth. His first attempt lasted for only 5 – 10 seconds. The next attempts, he stayed longer and longer. 3-4-2017-7-34-13-pmActually I can’t figure out the part where he showed up all dressed at the red carpet of Korea Awards when he’s stuck in a wormhole somewhere. Does the ship have a dressing room? He’s still trying when the show ended. 3-4-2017-7-28-44-pm