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b1e0ee05211d22b98b8d10475dae0e29Yeah, like the rest of my friends, you’ve prolly seen this one already. Me on the other hand, I’ve been putting this off for months now. I was one of the people who preferred Goblins over mermaids, sabay kasi sila ng air period. I’ve heard stories that it’s nice plus the fact that it’s Min-ho. I was a big fan until I met Chang-wook a few months back. I guess that’s why I wasn’t motivated enough to watch. And now that I’m running out of romantic comedies to watch, I figured I’d give this one a go. I don’t want to expect much, I’ll settle on the thought that this ended on a happy note.

3-5-2017-8-07-12-pmFor Min-ho, oh well, he’s handsome as ever plus he sang on episode 2. Man! This guy really, I’m actually curious sometimes kung nagpa-surgery sya or not. He just looks really perfect. Next to Chang-wook that is. Ha! But look at this Min-ho making pasta, the pasta does look yummy. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlee-hee-joon-lee-min-ho-shin-won-ho-3lee-hee-joon-lee-min-ho-shin-won-ho-2This is his con friends. Nam-doo is his mentor and Tae-oh is the hacker. They only con people who can’t report to the police. Robinhood type of thing. He is skilled in hypnosis and uses a lighter for this trick. It wasn’t mentioned though how he learned this, but definitely not from Nam-doo walang scene na Nam-doo did something similar.lee-min-ho-the-legened-of-the-blue-sea-3

Jun Ji-hyun – I was just talking about how I don’t like her in My Love from the Star. Hahah! And voila, she’s the mermaid. She’s good here! But I can’t shake off her actions when she was Song-yi. 3-5-2017-7-49-10-pmLooks like her friend Bok-ja is also her friend here. So cute! Bok-ja (I’m just going to name her that coz I don’t remember her name here) is homeless here and helped Cheong (Ji-hyon) when she first got to Seoul.

Let’s get some mermaid facts straight:

  1. Adult mermaids can walk when on land.
  2. They can remove memories, thru kiss or touch.
  3. They’re strong, a kick can send one flying, like literally.
  4. Their legs are their fatal points, if wounded, they’ll become weak.
  5. Their tears can turn into pearls. Tears of happiness will have a pinkish color.
  6. If they leave the ocean because of love and it’s unrequited, they have a time limit.

legend-of-the-blue-sea-jo-jung-suk-jun-ji-hyunRemember Chep from Oh My Ghost? He’s here! He’s also a mermaid who’s been here for quite some time. He taught her about how their tears which turn to pearls can be sold. He also told her that when mermaids leave the ocean because of love, they have a time limit. If it’s unrequited love, their heart starts to harden. However if it’s mutual, then it should be good. He helped her pretend that he’s the boyfriend to check if Min-ho will get jealous. But his character died. Apparently his loved one left him thus his heart stopped after around 2 months.

So this is all about past lives and loves, reincarnation. It’s another common Korean plot. So in their past lives, Min-ho fell in love with the mermaid Ji-hyon. They both died and got reborn in the modern day. I’m not much for complicated shows and this one is a bit of that. Min-ho’s mom left when he was just a child. He stayed with his father who became rich and married again. His step mom has a son before the marriage. His mom on the other hand is working as a house maid for a rich woman who Min-ho was planning to scam. Min-ho left home to look for his mom and became a con man. The step mom is the main antagonist. The plot is too wide with too many characters, I guess the budget for this one is big.