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unnamedWhat I Think + Spoilers: The JDrama that will jumpstart all the JDramas in my life. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ย Can you imagine what a monk would be like if he’s in love? A cute monk at that! That was enough to get my attention. I’ve always thought of them like bishops who must remain unmarried.

5-ji-kara-9-ji-madeThis is a romcom, it’s heartwarming. The female lead, Junko, is an English tutor whose dream was to go to New York. While the male lead, Takane, is the upcoming Chief Priest who fell in love with her after she spilled ashes on his head during a memorial ceremony. The plot is not complicated. Spoiler – the main plot is just about getting the grandmother to approve her as the wife and lady of the temple. I never thought ingon ana diay kadaghang trabaho-on sa temple. vlcsnap-00044But in fairness, amazing kaayo ang effort sa monk nga in love bah. From the couples’ scarf to the mattress, the planning he took for that first date. Duh kung ingon ani ka effort and ka-cute ang laki, bato na jud ka kung di pa ka ma-inlove.

There’s a lot English convo which I found a bit hard to understand at first because of the accent. There’s only 10 episodes at 45 – 50 minutes each so you’ll finish in a day or two.