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1420591107-93-orgWhat I Think + Spoilers: Another psychological romance for this month. Whew! This is a reunion of Park Seo-joon and Hwang Jung-eum from She Was Pretty. I loved them both from She Was Pretty although I had a slight SLS. I’m not much of a fan of psychological dramas (but I loved Cheese in a Trap for the reason that it was Park Hae-jin) but this was recommended by a good friend so I thought I should I give it a try.

fullsizephoto546886Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung-eum), a first-year psychiatric resident was adopted by Oh Ri On’s   (Park Seo-joon) family. They grew up as twins. Ri On is a writer who has been secretly digging Ri Jin’s past. Although Ri Jin knows that she’s adopted, she does not have any memory of her childhood. She however fears basements and fire.

Kill-me-Heal-me-cha-do-hyunCha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) is a third-generation business heir who developed dissociative identity disorder (DID, previously known as multiple personality disorder) in the aftermath of several life-threatening traumatic events. For years, he stayed abroad for fear that his family will find out that he has DID. He has seven personalities.

shin_se_giShin Se Gi, the most reckless and dangerous personality that fell in love with Ri Jin. He apparently appeared first, when Do Hyun was only 7 years old. He started the fire that caused his father to be in a coma for 20 years. Ahn Yo Na is a 17 year old high school student with a twin brother Yo Sub. Yo Na likes Ri On. Yo Sub is a suicidal personality. Perry Park is an oldest of the personalities. He likes to make bombs and wants a ship. Perry was created because of Do Hyun’s father. Na Na is the name of the bear of the 7 year old personality named Do Hyun.

The story is complex with too much focus on their past. Major spoiler – it turned out Ri Jin’s real name is Cha Do Hyun. Cha Do Hyun’s real name is actually Cha Joon-young. Ri Jin and Do Hyun share their childhood memories, she was the key to his DID and he was the key to her past. Fast forward to the end, Do Hyun merged all his personalities with Ri Jin’s help. They lived happily. Ri On made a romance novel out of their story and was a bestseller.