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Chief-KimChief Kim also known as Good Manager is a workplace comedy. This is the first non-romantic Kdram I watched. Actually I was hoping that there’d be some romance, kahit slight lang. Haha! But on the later episodes, tama lang din na walang masyadong romance yung plot. It’s not the right feel.

Cha Tae Hyun was first offered the role and thank goodness he declined coz Namgoong Min is just perfect as Chief Kim. I saw Namgoong sa Beautiful Gong Shim and he was amazing there. Bagay sa kanya yung medyo comedic na mga characters, yung tipong tatanga-tanga pero sobra smart pala.

DaNKr5XSo dito, Chief Kim here is an accountant for a gangster. On the sideline, he was also embezzling from his boss. His boss threw him out coz medyo na-threaten sya sa authority ni Chief Kim over his people. So Chief Kim had to apply at TQ Group’s Business Operations department. His initial goal was to embezzle enough money for him to move abroad. Things got complicated as he became embroiled in office politics. He saw the corporate corruption and how it affected employees.

C3DOZ1aWgAAfVumSeo Yool played by Lee Jun-ho is a financial prodigy. He used to be a prosecutor before he became one of TQ’s Director. He has Chief Kim’s books when Chief Kim was still cooking for the gangs and he used those to blackmail Chief Kim. When things got complicated, he was used as a scapegoat by the CEO. He then joined hands with Chief Kim to bring down the CEO.

Chief-Kim-Namgoong-Min-Nam-Sang-MiChief Kim shows us the day to day life of the corporate world. Yung tipong we sometimes tend to alienate replacements of our colleagues. Or yung pinatawag ka ng HR and you get punished or when you’re advised to resign. Although medyo complicated na yung mga issues nila, it will give you that similar feeling.

So this is nothing romantic. Although may mga hints of a budding romance between Seo Yool and Yoon Ha-Kyung (played by Nam Sang-mi), they didn’t highlight that. This is all about fighting office corruption. I’d recommend this because it’s fun and walang iyak moments. Plus Namgoong Min played Chief Kim superbly – the best role for him.