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The first ever Kdrama I watched 9 years ago! I recently re-watched this for so many reasons. The first one was because I just finished watching Gong Yoo in Goblin. I’ve forgotten the feel of the show since it’s been a while. There’s so many things I loved about this drama. So yes, this is still one of the best kdramas out there.

image104Coffee Prince is a very light gender bender show and a typical rom-com. Gong Yoo’s portrayal of Han-kyul is superb. Sa sobrang galing ng portayal nya, Han-kyul turned into this loveable and complex person, not just some rich pitiful playboy. I don’t know any other Yoon Eun-hye drama but she was amazing as Go Eun-chan. Ang galing nya with the boy-act and I liked the type of friendship she had with Han-kyul.

Sun_KiThe coffee princes is another reason to watch this one. I’m a big fan of Sun-ki, played by Kim Jae-wook, the brooding and mysterious barista with a sad love story that sometimes mumbles in Japanese. Ha-rim played by Kim Dong-wook is the fun-loving playboy that got kicked out from his family of wealthy doctors when he refused to follow the tradition. Min-yup played by Lee Eon comes off as the good natured fool that’s completely in love with Eun Chan’s sister. He might be a giant but he’s actually a softie inside.

image80I had a momentary second lead syndrome with Han-sung played by Lee Seon-gyun. He’s Han-kyul’s second cousin who’s friendly and down-to-earth. He’s madly in love with Han Yoo-joo who by the way Han-kyul also likes. Yoo-joo left Han-sung for another guy named DK and moved to New York. When she came back, she wanted to rekindle with Han-sung. Han-sung still has feelings for her but he slightly developed feelings for Eun-chan. Thing is there are moments that I actually liked Han-sung for Eun Chan, plus his dog Terry apparently treats Eun-chan as his girlfriend. It’s adorable that Terry waits for Eun-chan who delivers milk at the gate every morning.

I love the storyline! I feel like realistic ang thought that ayaw muna ni Eun-chan na magpakasal because she wanted to pursue her dream. Although sa totoong buhay, it’s very seldom that your boyfriend’s grandmother will help you pay for you to study abroad. But di bale na, let’s go with it. It will give you that feeling nga love does conquer all.

Now if you haven’t seen this yet, watch it! Now na! Haha.