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5-22-2017 9-43-42 AMQuirky and cute guys in a band with their upbeat and likeable songs? Bring it on! Haha. Okay let me just say that I love music so I’m right where I belong. The Liar and His Lover is actually based on the Japanese manga Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru by Kotomi Aoki. This drama caters the teenagers and mga early 20’s na viewers, my age gen, pero pede na din sa mga young at heart. Haha.

69154d15a9d215401277bc9a9b4689a9On a serious note, this is centered on the love story between a genius music composer Kang Han-gyeol (Lee Hyun-woo) for the Crude Play and a high school student, Yoon So-rim (Joy). The first half of the drama is mushy and happy then it shifted to conflict confrontation which is fine because it showed us the growth of the characters throughout the story. It’s also packed with catchy songs that showcase the zeal and torment of the characters. It’s a story about chasing your dreams and loving faithfully with an unfeigned heart.

5-22-2017 9-45-07 AMSo story is Yoon So Rim (Red Velvet’s Joy) is a high school student na may banda with her friends and classmates. She’s a big fan of a popular band Crude Play. Kang Han Gyul (Lee Hyun Woo) also known as K, is the genius composer behind the hit songs of Crude Play. After a fight with his girlfriend, his anguished emotions triggered a beautiful song, which he recorded by borrowing a mobile phone from a stranger passing by – who turned out to be So Rim. So Rim’s young heart beats in a love tune for the first time and a couple of encounters with Han Gyul has made her believe that he is her fated first love. So Rim’s character here is one that is unfazed with everything as long as she can pour her heart out. She actually told Han Gyul that she likes him upfront. When Han Gyul told the rest of Crude Play, he decided to be friends with So Rim so he could tell her to delete the recording. It was going to be a scandal if it got leaked since it was Crude Play’s new single.

5-22-2017 9-45-54 AMWhen he learned that she’s a minor, he used that as reason to finally cut his ties with her. So Rim finally deleted the song but she had recorded the song before with her band. This pissed Han Gyul off as she was not supposed to let other people listen to that song. But when he listened to the song she recorded, he fell in love with her voice.

Because of their talent, So Rim and her friends’s teacher lobbied them to his schoolmate Choi Jin Hyuk (Lee Jung Jin), who is a CEO at Sole Music. Han Gyul caught Yoo Na and Jin Hyuk together so they broke up. So Rim and her band, later named Mush & Co, are offered a contract at Sole Music.

5-22-2017 9-48-18 AMJin Hyuk asked Han Gyul to produce songs for the Mush & Co but he declined unaware that it’s So Rim’s band. Seo Chan Young (Lee Seo Won), Crude Play’s bassist heard So Rim and volunteered to produce the band and eventually he fell in love with So Rim. When So Rim finally learns about Han Gyul’s true identity as K, a songwriting prodigy, she takes a step back in processing the lies that Han Gyul has so far showered her, only to give in to what her heart truly wants.  Han Gyul, who realizes he has fallen in love with, wins her back with the most untainted love promise he can ever give.

Behind the main’s love story is my favorite pair. Yoo Si-hyun (Kim Sung-joo), Crude Play’s vocalist and Yeon Soo-yeon (Lee Ha-eun), an employee of Sole Music. She had a huge crush on Si-hyun since they were still in school. She wrote a love letter and put it in his jacket but he lost the jacket so he never got the letter. Soo-yeon on the other hand thought that he does not like her he ignored her confession. Awww.. Such a cutie when they finally sorted their feelings out. The only complain I have is this couple should have more airtime.

Anyway, the rest of the drama focused on the conflict of the characters and the problems that Crude Play got into. At the end, Crude Play took a short break but they did return. Jin Hyuk got fired from Sole Music and he started his own company with Mush & Co, making meaningful music.

The feels of this one is that of my younger days. First loves and such. So would I recommend this? Yes, I would.