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april-shows1Besh yung totoo, busy naman talaga ako sa work at pagiging single mom ko. Hindi lang pala isa yung work ko besh, may full time job ako at dalawang part time Upwork clients. Pero sinisingit ko pa rin si Oppa sa mala-Divisoria ko na schedule. Ang mga KDrama ang nagpapaga-an ng Mondays ko besh! O di kaya kung sobrang busy sa office, KissAsian or Dramahood agad pag-uwi sa bahay (after Mommy duties though).

So this week, eto yung mga pinapanood ko besh:

3f5e53f24744cfcb75f3bfb33df4cdf3e559ff6d_hqMy Secret Romance with Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun (you can also read my Episode 1 dada). Kung pede lang sana wag ng matapos ang dramang ito! This is a very light drama pero ang guapo ni Sung Hoon besh. In fairness, in my eyes, ka-level na nya sa kaguapohan si Ji Chang-wook. Sadly patapos na sya this week, 13 episodes lang kasi sya. The plot is Jin-wook is the son of the Daebak group. He was exiled by his dad in one of their hotels and made to work as bellboy where he met Yoo Mi whose mom was getting married at the hotel. They had a one-night stand. Three years later, Yoo Mi was assigned to be the nutritionist at Daebak where Jin-wook is now a director. This is a must watch besh! Swear, you won’t regret the 10+ hours you will spend with these guys.

maxresdefaultMan to Man with Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong and Kim Min-jung. Yung totoo, di ko naman talaga bet si Kim Min-jung pero pinatulan ko na kasi Park Hae-jin besh! Hay naku, I could only wish that they got someone else to play Cha Do-ha. I will hold on baka sakaling, she’ll grow on me later on. So the story is Hae-jin is a secret agent. One of his missions is to be the bodyguard of the famous action star Yeo Woon-gwang played by Park Sung-woong. Cha Do-ha is the manager of Woon-gwang. I’m not sure yet if I’d recommend this one unless you’re a big fan of Hae-jin oppa.

C_c7BShVoAEveDGSuspicious Partner (Suspicious Partner – Episode 1 & 2 dada) with Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun. OMG! Tabi na muna Lee Min-ho and Kim Woo-bin, let’s give the floor to Chang-wook before he leaves for his military service. Patawarin sana ni Lord the dirty thoughts I will have watching this show. XD Ever since I saw Healer, I’ve been following him around. Okay back to the drama, Chang-wook here plays Noh Ji-wook, a prosecutor who got fired after dismissing the charges against Eun Bong-hee (played by Nam Ji-hyun). The leads have a common ground – they both got cheated on by their loved ones. Eight episodes out of 40 pa lang sya besh but I am confident that you will enjoy this one.

So those are the shows I am keeping watch for now. I will write a more detailed blog once they’re done.