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3-5-2017 7-49-10 PMWhisper just finished, finally! This has been one long tense drama besh. Whew! But it was a very satisfying finale. Yung feeling mo na everyone got what they deserved, you feel justified, I mean I felt justified. Pero seryoso, I wanted to stop watching this one mga mid-season coz it was just full of conflict and feeling ko it was getting too complicated. It was full of manipulation and lies and people with ulterior motives. Nakaka-stress na! Pero I stuck around coz I was curious how they’d end it.

3-5-2017 8-07-12 PMSo basically, Lee Bo-young plays Shin Young-joo, a charismatic female section chief police officer who is passionate in her career. With her family facing financial difficulties, she has to undergo the agony and pay debts for her family. She speaks harsh, but has a heart of gold. Lee Sang-yoon plays Lee Dong-joon, a virtuous elite judge, brilliant-minded and warm-hearted, and has a willingness for weak people who needs a listening ear. To cut it short, both of them join alliances together to uncover defense industry corruption at Taebaek, the nation’s biggest law firm, which turns out to be one of the top scandals ever.

whisper0802341The secondary leads are amazing! Yung tipong nakaka-gigil sila and you want to see them suffer at the end of the drama. Kang Jung-il (Kwon Yul) is a lawyer and team manager of Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions department of Taebaek Law Firm. Choi Soo-yeon (Park Se-young) is the daughter of the CEO of Taebaek Law Firm. This couple is proof that love can turn to hatred. They were in a relationship for years but because of all the lies and manipulation of their parents, they broke up and ended up testifying against each other.

Kang Yoo-taek (Kim Hong-fa), the CEO of Bo-gook Industries and Jung-Il’s father. He is also a long time friend and partner of Choi Il-hwan (Kim Kap-soo), the CEO of Taebaek Law Firm. I swear naka-irita talaga ang hitsura ni Yoo-taek. Il-hwan ended up murdering Yoo-taek but he wanted to frame someone else for the murder. Jung-Il was determined to put him in prison for murder of his father.

This show is a web of deception. Once again it proves the point that we all have to suffer the consequences of our actions. The truth will always find a way to reveal itself.

Would I recommend this? Yes kung mahilig ka sa crime solving genre. The romance plot here is very light, it’s barely there. But it’s still a happy ending. Our main leads eventually fell in love with each other, brought on by the circumstances that they had to go thru together to put the bad guys in prison.