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5-26-2017 1-57-58 PMI don’t normally do an episode blog but let’s give My Secret Romance an exemption. Panatang Makabayan besh, sama mo na sya sa lista ng mga “must watch” mo. Super duper kilig sya for me so feel ko, kikiligin ka din. XD So our loves finally broke up on this episode! It was bound to happen besh. XD But don’t despair coz happy ending naman to. She’s moving to the countryside and as much as our Jin-wook wanted to hold on to her, she didn’t give him a choice.

Hindi lang tayong mga pinoy ang mahilig mag-videoke besh, sila din. XD Videoke sessions si Yoo Mi with the rest of the crew, farewell party. Cook Wang advised Yoo Mi that she’s should continue to do good on her next assignment. Mabait naman pala si Cook Wang despite her maldita look.

5-26-2017 1-07-27 PMWhile Jin-wook was at home, he kept remisniscing about their time together including that time he kissed her when he handed her the box. One the other hand, Yoo Mi was about to throw the box into the garbage but eventually changed her mind.

Secretary Jang did give him Yoo Mi’s new address but he ignored it. Director Cha is back with his old workaholic self now. And Yoo Mi started working at the university cafeteria. And after that fiasco with Dong Goo, Chairman Cha wants Jin-wook to get ready to take over. Although he did promise that he won’t push him into marrying for the time being, he also threatened Jin-wook that he’ll hand over the position to someone else if Jin-wook acts out again. I suppose he meant Jin-wook should not see Yoo-mi again or else.

Ang daming flashbacks ng episode na to! So Yoo Mi saw a poster about a trip to Gangneung and she remembered that first time they met and they drank by the beach. While Secretary Jang told Jin-wook that it’s that his mom’s birthday and he’s going to send flowers, he was mumbling how he didn’t eat anything and he’s starving himself.

5-26-2017 1-31-12 PMHyun-Tae visited Yoo Mi at the university and he finally told her that he likes her. If only he realized it earlier, he could have won her. Jin-wook saw them together but he mentioned that he was going to let this one pass.

5-26-2017 1-37-25 PMAnd Jin-wook starving himself again. Secretary Jang told him that he’s finally going to resign if he’s going to keep doing it. And Joo Hye-ri dropped by with food. Buti na lang coz I didn’t want my loves to collapse again! XD Anyway, flashback na naman tayo back to when they first met. This was a much needed scene to close whatever lingering feelings she have for him.

5-26-2017 1-39-44 PMThen she went on an inuman session with Hyun-Tae. Relate tayo sa mga ganitong eksena besh! Bakit ba ang sarap ng beer kung mag pinag-dadaanan tayo aber?

Yoo Mi’s mom had an interview with another actress she worked with before. And on that interview, she mentioned about Jin-wook and Yoo Mi broke up. Kainis! Yoo Mi was eating with her colleagues when this was shown on TV. Kahiya kaya coz everyone in the cafeteria was talking about her by lunch time! I understand why she took off to Gangneung.

5-26-2017 1-44-30 PMAnd Jin-wook also saw the broadcast! Finally Secretary Jang said his piece about how Jin-wook should follow what makes him happy despite what other people will say. Natauhan din ang male lead natin at hinanap-hanap si Yoo Mi who’s long gone.

5-26-2017 8-29-43 AMFinally, Hyun-Tae had his chance to punch him in the face for breaking Yoo Mi’s heart! Ito yung episode ender besh. 2 more episodes and we say bye bye to this couple. Happy ending naman to, based on the previews so let’s all look forward to those 2 episodes.

Besh! Watch this na if you haven’t yet.