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vlcsnap-2017-05-27-12h01m34s001Kesyo nag-episode react na ako with My Secret Romance, might as well do it for the other dramas that I like and am currently watching. I’m not gonna do this for the other dramas besh coz it’s so time consuming in fairness ha. So I’m going to just play favorites and do it for a few. XD And Suspicious Partner is one of my favorites, so here goes.

The drama started with No Ji-wook (played by my love Ji Chang-wook) and Eun Bong-hee (this is my first Nam Hi-hyun drama) in the train together. Pervert pala yung katabi ni Bong-hee. Napagkamalan nya si Ji-wook yung pervert and she made a huge scene! Haha. Kawawang Ji-wook kasi he’s a prosecutor and he got humiliated by something he actually did not do. 

Nakakatawa pa coz they had the same stop but Bong-hee assumed that he was following her and glared at him when he tried to get off. So he ended up taking the next stop. Medyo lukaret din tong si Bong-hee eh, chicks na lukaret. XD She was actually on her way to a hotel because someone anounymously texted her that Hee-jon (her boyfriend, her classmate – she’s studying pala to become a judge, and also happens to be the son of the District Attorney Moo-Young) is with another girl.

Ji-wook was also headed into the same hotel to meet Chairman Byeon. He had to explain why he was late. From this scene, it looked like he’s close with the Chairman, no indication kung ano ba talaga ang relationship nila. Anyways, on the other table we see Bong-hee with Hee-joon. Then we see flashbacks that there were already clues that he was cheating on her but she pretended not to know. Haha. Relate besh! Hee-joon was saying that he loves her and that he won’t do it again. Personally I think cheaters will always cheat on their loved ones. He gave her some lousy excuse that the girl was hitting on her and he couldn’t refuse.

Bong-hee was so pissed that she told Hee-joon she’d break up with him but only right after she also had a one-night stand with another guy. The next guy she’ll run into. The thing is when she turned around, she ran into an old man. Haha. Sa pag-iwas nya, she slipped. Hee-joon was amused and we see Bong-hee crying with her contacts in her hand. She can’t really see clearly without it.

She bumped into Ji-wook who she asked right away to sleep with her. After all Hee-joon was still there, she really wanted to let him see that she could do it. Ji-wook says he will. Although she realized that it was Ji-wook, she still dragged him outside because Hee-joon was still watching. When they got outside, confrontation ang peg besh. Talagang galit si Ji-wook that she mistook her as a drunk pervert. Ji-wook finally explained that she was wrong and that she should also not carelessly run into any man in the streets coz there are lots of crazy bastards who would love to sleep with her. Hee-joon followed them outside the hotel and they ended up sharing the car ride and a drink.

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-12h47m21s880The next day, she woke up in Ji-wook’s house. We her with flashbacks of the embarrassing night before. She was so drunk so Ji-wook had to bring her home. Embarrassed to her bones, she left Ji-wook who was still in the shower with a note. Looks like close talaga sila nitong si Chairman coz we see Chairman calling him, naki-tsismis if he slept with Bong-hee coz they left the hotel together the night before. Chairman was saying how he has really not see anyone Yoo-jung (the ex-girlfriend). Of course, Ji-wook did not disclose what really happened, no comment ang peg. XD

Then we see Ji-wook with flashback of what happened. Apparently Yoo-jung cheated on him. He walked in on her with another guy. Ganda naman pala ni ex eh. And he saw what happened to Bong-hee the night before, when she had a fight with Hee-joon. He understood her situation, so I guess that’s why he helped her out.

So apparently Chairman talked to him about becoming an attorney which he declined. We see Eun-hyuk who thinks Ji-wook won’t take the job because he’s also there. Looks like they’re fighting. Meanwhile Ji-wook has been named as the worst prosecutor. He hates criminals but he’s never gotten any thank you note from any of his clients, ever. So funny how his subordinates are making fake thank you letters so he won’t seem pitiful.

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-13h22m45s886Then we see Bok-ja (Ji-wook’s mom) and and Young Soon (Bong-hee’s mom) in the next scene. Bok-ja was getting a massage and Young Soon was the masseuse. While chatting, they ended up fighting, pagalingan na sila ng anak. XD

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-13h30m24s814Kaloka besh! When Bong-hee went to the academy, it’s all over the place that Hee-joon dumped her because she cheated on him. Kasi naman she told him that she’ll only break up with him after she’d a one night stand of her own. Hee-joon said that he dumped her right at the hotel. Which tama naman na he dumped her first. Hai Bong-hee!

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-13h36m26s826.pngAfter her long day, she went to see her mom. We can see that they’re not well-off and that they’re close. It’s heartwarming.

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-13h39m52s275vlcsnap-2017-05-27-13h50m01s262Fast forward 3 months, she needs to intern for a prosecutor. The look on her face is priceless when she realized it’d be with Ji-wook. And he was such a cutie when he made fun of her about what happened.

And the reaction on their faces when she asked if something happened to them that night – HAHA!

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-14h02m48s267.pngThey ran into Eun-hyuk as they were heading to the chief deputy’s office. Spoiler from the later episodes, Eun-hyuk was the guy so relate tayo kung bakit ayaw talaga ni Ji-wook makipag-friends. Although it’s quite clear the Eun-hyuk really wants to be friends with him.

Meanwhile, Ji-wook still did not tell Bong-hee whether they slept together or not. Her friend was telling her over lunch that it’s very rare to meet bad prosecutors as they will overwork their probationary officers, and looks like Ji-wook is one of the bad ones.

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-14h13m28s925.pngBut wait, kung ganito ba ka-guapo ang boss ko, sa office na ako matutulog! Side note: Guapo din naman ang boss ko besh kaso lang he’s in another office. Kaya nga kung bumibisita sya sa site namin, ai keri ko na kahit double shift pa besh! Crossing my fingers na none of my officemates can read this. XD


Finally besh na meet na din nya yung pervert sa train and we found justice for Ji-wook oppa! Haha. It’s important to note besh that Pervert mentioned that he thinks someone is trying to kill him coz as he was “observing” his neighbors one night, he thinks he saw someone committing murder on the rooftop and he thinks that the killer saw him.

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-14h22m59s385.pngNg dahil sa trabaho, hindi na sya naliligo and she’s getting nosebleeds na. In short, hagardo versoza na sya besh. When Hee-joon and Ji-Hae (she’s her classmate and apparently the one with Hee-joon that night at the hotel) picked on her, Bong-hee started singing about how she’s going to kill him. Di ba sabi ko nga lukaret talaga tong si Bong-hee! XD

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-14h27m30s802Buti na lang to the rescue si Ji-wook oppa! Kahit diring-diri na sya sa hair ni Bong-hee, “you’re dirty but pretty too” pa rin ang peg.

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-14h36m53s588.pngWhen the kontrabidas left, Ji-wook told her that she should not be singing songs about killing him. The best revenge is let them be. Bong-hee fell asleep and she remembered that night she got drunk, he told her that it’s not their fault they were betrayed, there’s nothing wrong with them. It’s actually the people who betrayed them that were wrong. She realized that they’re actually in the same boat, that’s why he helped her because he understood how it felt.

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-14h41m44s940Ji-wook told her to go home that night so she could take a shower as he wanted a clean working environment. But he told her that she should stop threatening her ex with songs coz he does not want her in front of him portrayed a victim since he’s merciless prosecutor. She ran into her ex outside the building who still thinks she’s just pretending to be with Ji-wook coz she’s still not over him. She asked him whether she should just throw his stuff that’s still in her place or he’s going to get those.

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-14h50m51s603When she got home, she took off her glasses and opened her windows to get a breath of fresh air. Remember besh, she can’t see well without her glasses. Bong-hee went outside to buy something when the lights in her neighborhood went out. The CCTVs wen out and she had to pay cash. When she got home, she stumbled upon the dead body of her ex inside her apartment.

vlcsnap-2017-05-27-14h49m13s796.pngAnd that’s how she became a murder suspect with Ji-wook as the prosecutor.